About Us

Who is MWC

Mitsubishi Warehouse California Corporation is a public warehouse that provides warehousing, distribution, and reverses logistics with electronic repair services. We are a U.S. subsidiary of Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation, a member of the Mitsubishi Group. Established in 1887, Mitsubishi Logistics Corp. is the number one warehousing and port-terminal operating company in Japan.

We at Mitsubishi Warehouse California Corporation have been serving our customers since 1970. Located just a few miles from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and with immediate access to four major freeways, we are perfectly positioned to provide the best, most cost-effective warehousing, distribution and logistics on the West Coast.

Mitsubishi Warehouse California Corporation ("MWC") provides outstanding warehousing and distribution services to our clients. We endeavor to seamlessly integrate our services with the operations of our clients. Our people are personally involved with each shipment, using their skills and the latest tools and technologies to ship accurately, on time every time. Above all, we make communication with our customers at every step of the way our highest priority.

Through our state-of-the-art MWC Electronics Service Center, we also provide Reverse Logistics repair services for electronics such as computers, monitors, projectors and printers. We combine our Electronics Service Center with our warehousing, distribution and logistics services to offer our customers a complete service solution unrivalled in the industry.
Warehousing, Distribution, Logistics, and Electronics Service: at Mitsubishi Warehouse California Corporation, we do it all for you.

Mission Statement

MWC is dedicated to providing outstanding warehousing, distribution, logistics, and electronic repair services to benefit our clients and their customers by constantly focusing on effectiveness, flexibility, and communication.

Corporate Profile

Name Mitsubishi Warehouse California
Established Jan/1970
Location 3040 E Victoria St, Compton, CA 90221
Business Description Multiple Repair centers for Imaging Products Warehousing for various products
3rd Party Warehousing, Electronic Repair Center, Reverse Logistics Specialist

MWC Systems

Our web based system allows us to work closely with our customers to provide not only superlative repairs and logistics services but also to provide you with time crucial information concerning repair trends, parts, web pictures and handling issues. We realize that this type of information is extremely valuable to your manufacturing, sales, & distribution operations. MWC system is designed to provide 24/7 live detail reporting to all of our customers. MWC's system makes it possible to provide Lot control and expiration dates warning auto emails to our customers for food handling to help prevent losses for our customers.


  • Designed to provide ultimate customer satisfaction 24/7 with live detail reporting.
  • Auto email update
  • Inventory control per unit by serial #
  • Repair detail reporting per unit such as status, parts requirements, failure trends.